VABA Membership Charter



Please read the VABA Membership Charter carefully. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, from time to time in our sole discretion. We will notify you of amendments to these terms and conditions by posting them to VABA’s website. 


I.      Name 


The name of this association shall be Vietnamese American Business Association or VABA.


II.    Statement of Purpose 


The purpose of this association shall be to advocate, support and network with the Vietnamese American Business Community in North America.


III.  Membership 


A.  The Premium Membership: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze


         Exclusive benefits include:

         + Special recognition/Thank You page in membership directory/newsletter

         + Complimentary/Discount Admission to VABA events

         + Priority seating at all events

         + Private meetings with Board Members

         + Special discount for advertisement in VABA Newsletter


1.      Diamond: US$10,000 or above / year

         + Up to 2 members

         + Logo displayed screen at a VABA Event/a Member’s Gala Dinner Night

         + Host a workshop or similar event at your facility

         + Free quarter-page advertisement in a VABA Newsletter

         + All exclusive and standard benefits


2.      Gold: US$5,000 / year

         + Up to 2 members

         + Host a workshop or similar event at your facility

         + All exclusive and standard benefits


3.      Silver: US$2,500 / year

         + Up to 2 members

         + All exclusive and standard benefits


4.     Bronze: US$1,500 / year

        + Up to 2 members

        + All exclusive and standard benefits


B.     The Standard Membership: Corporate, Individual, Student, and Supporter


        Standard benefits include:

        + Member support

        + Attendance at events

        + Access to business-related workshops and training

        + Member-to-member discount

        + Networking opportunities


1.      Corporate Membership: US$500/year

2.      Individual Membership: US$300/year

3.      Students/Young Professionals: US$100/year

4.      Supporter: to contribute their time and special skills to VABA as needed


C.    Who should become members:


·        Vietnamese business owners

·        Traders

·        Brokers

·        Bankers

·        Professionals and consultants

·        Media

·        Government officials                            


IV.   Events and meetings 

·        Board Meetings

·        Business Events, Networking Events

·        Business Mixer, Business Lunch, Business Dinner, Reception Events

·        Workshop/Educational Events 

·        Entertainment Shows


V.     Officers 


A.    Board of Directors


The Board of Directors will represent the association in establishing management-related policies and will make decisions on all major issues. All membership applications shall be subject to the Board of Directors for approval.


There will be non-voting Board of Directors and voting members.


B.     Chairman


The Chairman shall preside over meetings and direct overall VABA operations. The Chairman shall review all member and volunteer applications. The Chairman shall administer all judgements related to VABA rules.    


C.    Vice Chairs


       The Vice Chairs shall assist the Chairman.


D.    Treasurer


The Treasurer shall manage, account and dispense all common Association funds.


E.     Executive Director and Operational Team


We shall oversee all aspects of membership including, but not limited to: collection of dues,  maintaining the association database, correspondence with members, and regular projects to  help grow the Association. The team shall oversee the Association website and maintain the Association email address. The Association shall pay all service charges.  



VI.   Payment and Renewal 


A.    Due date


Payment shall be due at the time of signing the agreement and is not refundable.


B.     Payment options


The Association shall accept cash, check, money order or bank transfer.


C.    Renewal


Membership will automatically renew on the expiration day for another term. The VABA Sales Team will send the renewal notice and assist you with payment.


VII.  General Rules


·       Membership card must be presented for VABA’s member discount.

·       Membership cards are non-transferable and may not be loaned to others. The Board reserves the right to cancel or suspend, without notice, any member’s membership card that has been found to be used in violation of the rules.

·       VABA will not be responsible for the violation of member-to-member discounts at the location.


·       VABA might have the membership welcoming event quarterly.


VIII. Termination 


·       Vietnamese American Business Association reserves the right to terminate any member for the violation of the US law, or for any conduct which discredits the Association and the members without a refund.

·       Members who violate the charter will be suspended from membership.

·       Any member not paying their dues, fees or assessments within fifteen (15) days after the payment due date may have their membership terminated.                    


IX. Charter Agreement 


      This Charter represents the final and complete agreement between VABA and the member with respect to the subject written hereof.

      I have read and understood the terms of this Charter, including all additional conditions and/or addenda listed above, before signing. 


       By signing the membership application, I agree to obey all VABA’s membership charter and regulations.